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Precision Die Casting Process and Its Advantages


Precision die-casting is a kind of molten alloy liquid poured into the pressure chamber, filling the cavity of the steel mold at high speed, and solidifying the alloy liquid under pressure to form a precision casting method. Precision die casting has the following advantages.
1. Good product quality
Casting dimensional accuracy is high, generally equivalent to 6~7, or even up to 4; surface finish is good, generally equivalent to 5~8; high strength and hardness, strength is generally 25 ~ 30% higher than sand casting, but the elongation is reduced by about 70%; dimensional stability, good interchangeability; can be die-cast thin-walled complex castings. For example, the current minimum wall thickness of zinc alloy die castings can reach 0.3mm; Aluminum alloy castings can reach 0.5mm; The minimum cast aperture is 0.7mm; The minimum pitch is 0.75mm.
2. High production efficiency
The productivity of the machine is high. For example, the domestic JⅢ 3 horizontal cold air die casting machine can die-cast 600-700 times in an average of 8 hours, and the small hot chamber die casting machine can die-cast 3000-7000 times in an average of 8 hours. The die-casting type has a long service life. A pair of die-casting type and die-casting clock alloy can have a service life of hundreds of thousands of times or even millions of times. It is easy to realize mechanization and automation.
3. Good economic results
Due to the precise size of die castings, the table is smooth and clean. Generally, it is no longer used directly for mechanical processing, or the amount of processing is very small, so it not only improves the metal utilization rate, but also reduces a large number of processing equipment and working hours. The price of castings is easy. Combination die casting can be used to other metal or non-metal materials. It saves both assembly man-hours and metal.


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