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BT40 self-locking spindle

Material: 20CrMnTi heat treatment: HRC59-63 finish: 0.8 precision tolerance: φ0.002mm inner cone full runout: 0.001mm roundness * degree: 0.001mm cylindricity: 0.002mm full shaft assembly full runout: 0.002mm

BT40 Mandrel

Material: 20CrMnTi Heat Treatment: HRC60-62 Finish: 0.8 Accuracy Tolerance: φ0.002mm Inner Cone Full Runout: 0.001mm Full Axis Cylindricity: 0.002mm Remaining Full Runout: 0.0025mm


Material: 20CrMnTi heat treatment: RC58-62 chrome plating layer unilateral: 0.2mm finish: 0.4 precision tolerance: φ0.005mm, full shaft full runout: 0.0025mm roundness: 0.00127mm, assembly end face full runout: 0.00127mm

Spindle sleeve

Surface roughness: 0.8 Dimensional accuracy: φ0.007 Coaxiality: 0.0127 Roundness: 0.00127, Cylindricity: 0.00127
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