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Five key points of accurate and efficient improvement of mold quality


Many mold manufacturers are implementing reforms and adjustments, especially in the quality of mold products, which is very important, because the good and bad of mold quality affect the quality, output and cost of the products. How can the mold produce qualified parts for a longer time and more times under the conditions of high precision, low cost and high efficiency, xiao Bian suggested that mold manufacturers can start from the following five aspects:
Key points 1. the design of the parts should be reasonable as much as possible to choose the best structural scheme, the designer of the parts should take into account the technical requirements of the parts and the structure must meet the mold manufacturing process and feasibility.
Key points 2. mold design is the most important step to improve the quality of the mold ①, the selection of mold materials, in addition to meet the customer's requirements for product quality, we also need to consider the cost of the material and its strength in the set period, of course, according to the type of mold, the use of working methods, processing speed, the main failure forms and other factors to select materials. ② When designing the mold structure, try to be compact and easy to operate, and ensure that the mold parts have sufficient strength and rigidity; when the mold structure allows, the corners of each surface of the mold parts should be designed as rounded corners as much as possible to avoid stress Concentration; ③ In the design, the scope of disassembly and assembly when repairing a certain part must be reduced, especially when the wearing parts are replaced, the scope of disassembly and assembly must be reduced as much as possible.
Key points The manufacturing process of 3. mold is also an important part of ensuring the quality of the mold. The processing method and processing accuracy in the mold manufacturing process will affect the service life of the mold. The accuracy of each component directly affects the overall assembly of the mold. In addition to the influence of the accuracy of the equipment itself, it is necessary to improve the processing method of the parts and improve the technical level of the fitter in the mold grinding process to improve the processing accuracy of the mold parts;
The main points 4. to strengthen the surface of the main forming parts of the mold to improve the surface wear resistance of the mold parts, so as to better improve the quality of the mold. For surface strengthening, according to the different uses of the mold, choose different strengthening methods.
Key points The correct use and maintenance of 5. molds is a major factor in improving the quality of molds. The installation and debugging methods of molds should be appropriate. In the case of hot runners, the power supply wiring should be correct, the cooling water circuit should meet the design requirements, and the parameters of injection molding machines, die casting machines and presses in the production of molds should meet the design requirements, etc.


How to effectively improve the accuracy of mold processing

With the rapid development of China's economic construction and the improvement of people's living standards, China's construction industry is developing rapidly, and the demand for aluminum profiles is increasing. Therefore, the demand for aluminum alloy extrusion die design, manufacturing and production is also increasing.

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